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The Issues

A Commitment to Public Service


 As a recipient of President Barack Obama's Lifetime Achievement Award, I have been passionate about people making progress and have worked dilligently to bring the important issues that affect you to the forefont.  

These are critical times where we can no longer accept empty promises and exciting campaign speeches, but we must be ready to engage in the tough conversations about real issues like: affordable housing, Criminal Justice Reform,  affordable healthcare, and increasing the minimum wage.  

I am asking you for the opportunity to demonstrate how government can work to make your lives better by having a State Senator that is ready, willing and able to work for you and your best interests.  

I humbly ask for your vote on May 19, 2020. 

 It's time to Elect Linda

The Role of a Legislator


There are 56 State Senators in the State of Georgia serving their consitiuents by passing a balanced budget, dealing with issues of public policy, along with drafting and voting on bills to create laws.  

A great legislator must have vision and be willing to introduce meaningful legislation, not just what is common sense. You deserve effective and tangible representation from someone that will be visible and responsive to you.  

If elected State Senator of District 39, I can assure you that I will take my duties seriously and not use the seat as a launching pad for higher aspirations.

The type of leadership I propose includes sending you Legislative Updates, holding Town Hall Meetings and working with local and other state government agencies on your behalf.  

I am ready, willing and able to serve you!

A Call to Action


More than ever before, we can no longer stand by and continue to ignore the long list of issues that are facing us and negatively impacting our society.  It is time to get to work with a solid plan of action.

As I listen to the concerns of my neighbors, friends, and residents of District 39, people have expressed a dissatisfaction with the high cost of medicine, the lack of a functional regional transportation system, the lack of opportunities for those who have entered the Criminal Justice System and would like to become productive citizens.  Many of these issues affect our ability to maintain strong Economic Development and a sound Quality of Life.

Not enough is being done and it's time to draw the line and take a firm stand on these issues and many others.  I am committed to continuing to hear what your concerns are and working with you to create plans that can succeed and benefit us all.

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