Early Voting begins April 30 - Election Day May 22

It's time to elect
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The Issues

A Commitment to Public Service

 As a recipient of President Barack Obama's Lifetime Achievement Award, I have been passionate about people making progress and have worked to bridge gaps that bring people together.  Throughout the years, I have kept my commitment to being involved, being vocal and keeping you informed.  I humbly ask for your vote on May 22, 2018. 

 It's time to Elect Linda Pritchett.

The Role of a Legislator

There are 180 State Representitives in Georgia serving their consitiuents by passing a balanced budget, dealing with issues of public policy, along with drafting and voting on bills to create laws.  A great legislator will send you legislative updates, hold Town Hall Meetings and work with local and other state government agencies on behalf of the people they serve.  Allow me to be your next legislator of House District 63.

Experience Matters

My experience as a Certified Paralegal with a degree in Criminal Justice has exposed me to the realities of injustice and many of the difficult issues we face in Georgia.  I have been at the forefront of these issues whether it involved voter rights, education or your quality of life.  You deserve a State Representative who has fresh ideas and will turn them into meaningful legislation that will benefit you!  You need better and deserve better!

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